Certified Canine Pet Care Specialist & Canine Pet Care Provider, Trainer

I was born and raised in Nova Scotia and reside in the beautiful Lunenburg County. I am a proud wife and mom of a beautiful baby boy named Zayne and 4 amazing dogs, Sprint Tye, Meka and Storm

Dogs have been my life for as long as I can remember. I competed and trained for my first dog flyball tournaments starting at the age of 8 years with my childhood dog.

My last 2 years of high school I decided to volunteer every day after high school to walk rescue dogs and afterwards sit and listen to dog training information and dog advice. It always amazed me and I thrived to learn more. This then led me to a full time job at a boarding facility for 6 years. During this time I worked hard and ran the boarding facility on my own while the owners were away, dealt with aggressive dogs, friendly dogs, HRM police dogs and dedicated nearly every single weekend of my time to help train dogs of all ages and breeds whether it was for flyball, agility, obedience or dogs that needed that little bit of an extra hand. I also attended many private training sessions.

In 2010 I attended a seminar on Dog Behaviour at Guelph University and came out with 2 certificates. There were many amazing speakers and it was an absolute unforgettable experience. I'm excited for many more.

In 2014 my husband Jonathan and I opened our Daycare and Boarding facility called Albon Dog Ranch. For the last 3 years we have won the award for 'Best Doggy Daycare and Boarding Facility' on the South Shore. Being and working with dogs every day isn't work to us. We enjoy every minute of it and learn so much every day as every dog is so different and special in their own ways.

I am a true believer that a dogs happiness comes before anything. Positive reinforcement training is what I do, what I believe in, and what is best for all dogs.

Training should be a fun experience for owners and dogs!
I use treats or a dogs favourite toy for training and I never let it turn to bribery. When a dog catches on I always ask for more for the price of 1 reward.

I am so excited to be taking this huge step in my life with dog training. This will lead to many more fun and knowledgeable experiences on dogs and their behaviour.

I always say, no one knows every single thing about dogs. In the dog world there is always something to learn which makes working with dogs and different breeds so mesmerizing fun and satisfying.

"Positive thinking leads to positive outcomes"



Certified Canine Pet Care Specialist & Canine Pet Care Provider, Head of technology

Originally from Dublin Ireland, I moved to Nova Scotia in April 2011. I am a proud husband, dad of 3 amazing boys and 4 dogs. I reside in the beautiful Lunenburg County and love everything about Nova Scotia.

My first couple of years in Nova Scotia were spent working in the IT industry. Technology is a passion of mine and I spent many years in web design, logo design, printing and computer repair and upgrades.

In 2013 I was introduced to the "Dog World". I met Kelsy, my now wife while taking my dog to training classes at the facility she worked at. I have always found dogs fascinating as I have owned them my whole life however I have grown to love them even more.

In 2014 when my wife and I opened our dog Ranch (Albon Dog Ranch) I was part time however our business had grown so much and so quickly I decided to come on full time as the dog industry interested me as I absolutely loved and enjoyed every minute of it. (Not to mention, I got to work with my wife full time! )

Over the years I have learned so much about dogs, dog breeds, their behavior, and why dogs do what they do. I thrive to learn more as the days go on.

Later on this summer (2020) we have some very exciting plans that we can not yet share! This will only make your dog(s) happier, us happier, and we are so excited!

"There are no limits as to what you can accomplish, except the limits that you place on your own thinking." -Brian Tracy